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  • Natural

  • Monofloral

  • Health-promoting

  • Unmixed

  • Tasty


Honey Treasures from Brazil

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Each batch is controlled though lab testing for physical-chemical properties (color, moisture, acidity and HMF), phenol content and pollen analysis. Our jars are designed to protect against UV rays. 


The honey our farmers produce is unique. Special varieties are created depending on the blossom and season. Training, regulations, and controls assure the highest quality.

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We partner with a cooperative of beekeepers and family farmers. This way of working creates new opportunities for the small farmers in the region. Support and fair payments.

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The sweet taste of Brazil

Each type has surprising properties:

Beneficial for body, soul and spirit.

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The Outstanding

The Magnificent

The Eccentric

The Extravagant

The Exquisite

The Manyfold

The Delicate


More than a jar of honey

Projects for promotion,

development and training

of our beekeepers are

carried out and

funded by a

part of the income of our partner cooperative and other partners.


By purchasing our

Honey you make that progression, nature protection and regional development


Enjoy and help!

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Protecting our natural resources


This is how you help preserving the environment:

By buying our honey you are helping to spread bee colonies.  Bees are the most important pollinators of the rich in variety and native vegetation.  They would be endangered without this irreplaceable bee service.

Many of the organic farmers get the opportunity to continue to cultivate sustainably and organically through beekeeping.  Our direct connection helps us to keep an eye on the honey production process from the flowers, the bees, to the bottling and shipping. Aswell as picking up the needs. 

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Jonathan said:

"See how refreshed I am now that I have eaten from this honey."


The Bible, 1 Samuel, chapter 14, verse 29b

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