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Our story

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KOAH was founded as a Brazilian-German family business. Our mission is to realize the rich potential of Brazil's Organic Agriculture, while valuing the sustainability of our precious natural resources. We combine these through beekeeping, producing 100% natural honey.


Everything began...

...when our family became acquainted with a valuable region in the northeast of the state of Minas Gerais.

The Jequitinhonha Valley.
We saw great potential for developing the diversity of the valley's natural wealth, even if it would entail many challenges.

Nutrient-rich soil and a year-round water-bearing river provide the region with optimal conditions for organic farming by small and family farmers.

           Among the many native treasures in                 Brazil, we find the admirable, stingless bee called "Jataí" (Tetragonisca angustula) . This little bee produces a rare (1kg per year per hive) and very precious honey (rich in bioactive components), which was used by the aborigines as a healing agent. Since 2016, it has been our mission to promote the local production of this honey through our "Jataí do Vale" project. As a possibility for an additional income for smallholders and family farmers and for the preservation of

native bee species.

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Jatai Bee

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The word               comes from the Hebrew:  כֹּחַ  and means:

Power, Strength, Ability, Fortune, Might.

In its basic meaning, it denotes the vital life and mental power and is expressed among other things

in the productivity of the field and the nutritional power of food.

The logo represents the bee "Jataí". The outline was inspired by the lateral view on the bee in flight.

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Koah Logo weiss.png
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Honigstreifen, weiss.png
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Our mission

Wie wir arbeiten


Highest quality to preserve the full value of our products.


Transparency and openness. Communication and honesty. We want that  every employee, but also our customers, feel comfortable.


Above-average payment for beekeepers to promote nature-friendly production.


The entire production chain should be able to develop further. Everyone can contribute and support projects.


Vision & Goals

We want to offer the best of nature so that people can get closer to a healing diet with lots of enjoyment and variety.


The region (State Minas Gerais) itself, but also the whole of Brazil, has an incredible variety of native plants with special properties. Many plants only flower seasonally. We would like to expand in the future and make other valuable varieties available in the long term and also enter into new partnerships with other cooperatives in various regions.

Our biggest dream:

To make available for the world, the valuable honey of the native bee "Jataí" ( Tetragonisca angustula ).

For that, we are faced with many challenges:

  • Development of breeding of this bee species.

  • Honey production, extraction and bottling.

  • Agreement of national and international regulations: this honey has a differentiated composition and is therefore not recognized as "standard honey". 

Other products:  

In addition to our special honeys of different types of flowers, we would like to offer related treasures, such as:

  • Dried flowers and leaves of the respective plants for tea preparations.

  • Regional propolis and pollen.

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